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Digital Control Systems for Nuclear Applications

Keeping pace with ever-advancing industry technologies, Curtiss-Wright has developed the Digital Control Systems to optimize plant performance and upgrade existing system technologies. Even though some systems may not be vital to the safety functions of a plant, their older, analog technologies can slow performance and impact the rest of a plant’s systems, leading to wasted power and man hours. By providing a comprehensive set of options, the Digital Control systems help maximize plant efficiency while bringing plants up to speed with current technology.


Though analog systems have been traditionally implemented across multiple industries, they lack the power and skill of digital technologies, often requiring more man hours to evaluate their outputs and re-calibrate their measurements. The Digital Control System is not only more efficient than its analog counterparts, it provides enhanced data performance, providing self-diagnostics and decreased required calibrations. These help monitor system health, and allow users to better utilize man hours and maintenance schedules.

The Digital Control System monitors the plant as it operates, moving away from traditional scheduled maintenance and towards a more optimized schedule based on condition-based monitoring. In contrast to the manual monitoring of analog systems, the Digital Control System provides diagnostic monitoring data in a centralized location, allowing it to be easily analyzed and shared by users. This information can be used to track trends, predict future issues, and plan upcoming work with maximum efficiency.

Built on the same powerful software implemented by Curtiss-Wright’s Plant Process Computers, the Digital Control System is highly capable and robust, designed for handling even user’s toughest tasks. Its user-friendly, comprehensive interface makes it easy to bring analog systems into the digital age, providing advanced monitoring and diagnostic data tools to keep users informed of all aspects of their plant, allowing them to better optimize and plan for site maintenance and improvement.

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