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Modern Analog Safety System for the Nuclear Power Industry

Nuclear plant safety systems have straightforward functions. They monitor a small number of inputs and produce a small number of outputs - using simple functions for process control and safe shutdown when required. Most nuclear safety systems are analog systems built back in the 70s and 80s; plants may choose to replace and entire system due to obsolescence issues or new design requirements.Curtiss-Wright's Modern Analog Safety System (MASS) combines the best qualities of legacy systems with the benefits of today’s current analog technology. Like legacy systems, MASS features a configuration of analog and contact input modules, summer modules, multiplier/divider modules, square root extractor modules, alarm modules, and analog and contact output modules.


The modern surface mount technology enables circuit boards production at a fraction of the cost of the older through-hole technology. A typical MASS module costs less than half that of a re-engineered replacement module.

The US NRC has reviewed the MASS system; like legacy analog systems, the NRC review was based on SRP 7.2 and 7.3 and applicable BTPs. No DI&C ISGs were involved; no safety-related software is used; and no complex licensing strategy is required.

The MASS system has a 40 year design life, based on continued reliability and improvement of analog components.

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