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Intelligent Equipment Condition Monitoring System

StressWave is a condition monitoring system for critical plant equipment that focuses on the two ultimate root causes of equipment failure - friction and impacts. It uses an advanced vibracoustic method for monitoring energy in structures and equipment. Unlike many traditional vibration-based methods, StressWave does not require the surface to be vibrating, but rather “listens” for the much higher frequency pulses inside structures generated by friction and impact events. StressWave filters out and ignores the relatively low frequency and audible frequencies that are not indicative of failures.


StressWave technology filters out unwanted noise providing superior analysis of bearings to provide the earliest possible detection of excessive wear or damage. StressWave can ignore unwanted noise that typically renders other technologies less effective, permitting StressWave to continuously monitor bearings from initial rotation. StressWave is also less reliant on sensor location than other technologies such as vibration.

The StressWave technology works on all types of gears and bearing types - ball, roller, and even fluid film bearings. The only requirement is for lubricated surface-to-surface motion. StressWave provides indication of lubrication degradation and unlike oil analysis systems, can determine potential degradation prior to damage to metal damage.

StressWave’s ability to filter out unwanted noise and focus on friction and shock events provides superior analyses and the ability to warn of potential damage quickly. StressWave isolates the source of damage by evaluating the signal’s spectral content using a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm to differentiate between periodic and random events to analyze for damage.