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Thermal Performance and Condition Monitoring Product Suite

Curtiss-Wright’s Fleet Asset Management and Optimization Solutions (FAMOS) product suite is engineered to give power plant personnel total visibility over every aspect of their site’s operation. Implementable independently or as a suite, each digital solution in the FAMOS product suite provides data insight for thermal performance visibility, detection of potential issues or power losses, and operational optimization opportunities.


Our performance and condition monitoring solutions deliver real-time asset health and plant information using existing inputs and infrastructure. Using the FAMOS suite of solutions, plants can leverage their site data to improve efficiency, increase generation, and maximize profitability.

The FAMOS platform allows plants to gather their data in single location and offers an intuitive user interface for real-time monitoring and analysis. The robust browser-based interface features data visualization in charts and graphs or as raw data - allowing all levels of personnel to easily monitor plant performance.

Using predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies, FAMOS delivers plant data and insight needed to optimize performance and profitability.