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Online Inventory Database and Supply Chain Platform

The Readily Accessible Parts Inventory Database (RAPID) is an online inventory database where power generation facilities and suppliers can buy and sell equipment and spare parts. RAPID was conceived as a way for a party with an emergent parts need to locate that part at another facility and hopefully obtain that part to keep their plant running. Over time, RAPID has evolved into a powerful supply chain tool that helps buyers locate parts and equipment to purchase, and also helps plants sell excess inventory. RAPID allows users to submit Requests for Quotation directly through the web-based platform.


RAPID contains inventory data from all nuclear plants in North America and many fossil, hydro, and renewable generating stations. The database also contains international inventory data from plants located in Europe, South America, and Asia.

RAPID is a web-based database available to members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Software updates (necessitating brief outages) are infrequent and announced well in advance.

RAPID’s search engine allows users to enter simple or advanced search queries and includes filters to refine and sort results. The RAPID suite of products also contains the Obsolete Item Replacement Database (OIRD), where users can find out if an item is obsolete and view any available replacements.