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Digital In-Processing and Access Authorization Platforms

Personnel management can be time-consuming and costly – Curtiss-Wright’s In-Processing and Access Authorization (IPAA) suite takes the extra time and error out of employee onboarding, training, maintenance, and security. Composed of the Electronic Personal History Questionnaire (ePHQ), Ready2Work (R2W), and Security Screening Information System (SSIS) software, the IPAA suite gathers data from local and industry systems to automate decisions and help operators make informed decisions at every stage of personnel management, ranging from the moment a person is identified to when their access to the plant is terminated. Implementable on an individual or full suite level, all of IPAA’s software is tailor-made to fit any plant’s personnel management needs.

The IPAA suite is comprised of three individual modules. The Electronic Personal History Questionnaire Processing product - ePHQ - receives, stores, and processes personnel data for maximum efficiency. Our Automated Access Authorization Processing solution - SSIS - simplifies security screening procedures; it tracks every aspect of personnel data, ranging from employee access and security, to annual reviews, to fitness for duty testing. IPAA's Automated In-Processing Solution - R2W - streamlines the employee on-boarding by assessing workers' needs and facilitating coordination of training, testing, and other requirements.

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